Olivia Cinquepalmi and Brade Bradshaw; Oklahoma City University LA Showcase 2017

Olivia Cinquepalmi; All's Well That Ends Well, Helena Monologue

Olivia Cinquepalmi; Song: Two Little Lines by Drew Gasparini

Olivia Cinquepalmi and Haley Fortune; Oklahoma City University On Camera Midterm 2017; Scene from Gilmore Girls




Brighton Beach memoirs

Theatre Arlington

Dir. Megan Haratine

Photos By Eric Younkin Photography


Marilyn, pursued by a bear

Lily and Joan Theatre Company

Dir. Emily Burgardt

Photo By Erika Larsen


A Midsummer night’s dream

Lily and Joan Theatre Company

Dir. Emily Faith



Stage West Theatre

Dir. Jake Nice

Photos By Garret Storms





As You Like It

Oklahoma City University

Dir. Stephen Wrentmore

Choreographer: Eliza Hare

Photos By Bryan Cardinale-Powell

Cinquepalmi is the connective tissue in the show, and she lives up to the task with great skill.
— NewsOK, Peter and the Starcatcher





OCU Out of the Box

Dir. Allison Morris

Photos By Ali Wonderly








Book of Days

Oklahoma City University

Dir. Travis Huddleston

Photo by Ali Wonderly







Party Princess Productions

(Dallas, TX/Chicago, IL)


Forever After Parties

(Oklahoma City, OK)


The House of Atreus part 1/2

Oklahoma City University

Dir. Leslie Swackhamer and Lance Marsh

Photos By Bryan Cardinale-Powell

There are four Clytemnestras. The most notable is played by Olivia Cinquepalmi, whose seductive facade entices Agamemnon to his dismal fate.
— Elizabeth Hurd, The Oklahoman; The House of Atreus



Peter and the Starcatcher

Oklahoma City Rep

Dir. Michael Jones

Music Dir. Chuck Koslowske

Photos By Bryan Cardinale-Powell

She sparkles in her performance and has a command of the stage that allows her to at once command a scene and still float above it. She is an actress we want to see again and again.
— Red Dirt Report, Peter and the Starcatcher
Cinquepalmi was an irresistible force...
— The Oklahoman, Peter and the Starcatcher

Bad Shakespeare

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Dir. D. Lance Marsh

Choreographer: Lizzie Foreman 






Talking Pictures

Oklahoma City University 

Dir. Jenny McKnight